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At Oxbridge Economics, we provide expert guidance and bespoke coaching for students at every stage of their application to Economics-related courses at Oxford or Cambridge.Applying to Oxford or Cambridge is a complex process, with the additional challenges of admissions tests and interviews on top of the rigorous entry requirements. To maximise students’ chances of navigating the process effectively we provide them with a detailed understanding of the admissions criteria and the strategies and techniques they need to succeed.

Unlike other applications providers, we provide specialist focus on Oxbridge Economics-based courses:

  • Economics and Management (Oxford)
  • Economics (Cambridge)
  • Politics, Philosophy and Economics (Oxford)
  • History and Economics (Oxford)


These courses are among the most competitive in the world, with acceptance rates of between 6 and 14% depending on the course and admissions year. In order to maximise students’ chances of completing a successful application, we provide expert consulting in the following fields:

  • Interview preparation
  • TSA (Oxford) & EAA (Cambridge) admissions test coaching
  • Personal statement and UCAS consulting
  • College and course advice


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Interview Preparation

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Admissions Test Coaching

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Personal Statement and UCAS Consulting

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Oxbridge Course Consulting
Interview Preparation

Interview preparation provides students with essential training for the most crucial part of their application.

Our Skype and In-Person interview packages provide students subject-specific mock interviews. This helps candidates improve the structure and fluency of their answers and alerts them to areas they need to improve on.  Most importantly, it gives them genuine interview experience with former Oxbridge students who have successfully completed the process themselves.

At Oxbridge Economics, we recognise that interviews are often just as much about connection as they are about content, and so our offering integrates innovative psychological techniques and strategies to deal with the pressure of the situation, enhance their connection with interviewers and optimise their interview skills beyond the standardised approach, giving our clients a significant edge over other applicants.

We collate questions on a rolling basis from the last three years of interviews throughout all Economics-related subjects, allowing our clients to access the most up-to-date interview information as it relates to their respective courses.

Personal Statement and UCAS Consulting

The Personal Statement and UCAS application are the first hurdles that candidates need to overcome in the applications process. We offer consulting sessions to optimise a candidate’s application and to help them draft a memorable, innovative and articulate statement that appeals to Oxford or Cambridge Admissions Tutors.

Many schools are unaware of the need to differentiate an Oxbridge application above and beyond a regular application to other universities. Oxbridge Economics is in regular contact with admissions teams at both Oxford and Cambridge and are therefore first in line in terms of new, important information that should be considered when writing a personal statement.

Admissions Test Coaching

Admissions tests are an integral part of the Oxbridge admissions system in terms of filtering applicants to be invited for interview.

We coach students for both the TSA at Oxford and the EEA at Cambridge, providing them with access to tutors who have experience of the test itself and have taught optimal test strategies and techniques to students over the years.

Oxbridge Course Consulting

Students may be unclear as to whether they’d be better suited to an economics course at Oxford or Cambridge. To assess a student’s strengths and preferences we students come to a decision and answer questions including:

  • How do I choose between Oxford and Cambridge?
  • Which course would suit me best personally?
  • How do I compare to the other candidates applying for my course?
  • What’s the difference between the colleges?
  • Do I stand a better chance at some colleges rather than others?


At Oxbridge Economics, we appreciate the importance this application has not just on the student but also on the family, and so also facilitate in-person tours of colleges at Oxford and Cambridge for the applicant and their family, allowing for an immersive experience and giving the student a ‘feel’ for potential areas of application.

Our Tutors

Senior Consultants

Profile2Nasos Papadopoulos

Nasos is an Economics & Management graduate from St Peter’s College Oxford with over 3 years of tutoring experience. He currently works as an associate lecturer in Economics at Goldsmiths University of London and has successfully coached countless students into Oxford and Cambridge.

Aside from tutoring Nasos runs his own educational content platform, MetaLearn, drawing on research from cognitive psychology and neuroscience to teach the principles and techniques needed to learn anything.

Josh2Josh Fields

Josh is an Economics & Management graduate from Pembroke College, Oxford where he was Oxford Boxing Club’s Captain and President, and held the Sir Roger Bannister scholarship during his tenure. After university, Josh went into the field of investment banking, and recently departed to pursue graduate studies at the London School of Economics.

Josh holds qualifications in clinical hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming, which allows him to provide the best psychological and emotional support for students on top of his his subject-specific expertise.


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“Oxbridge Economics were a great help for me throughout my application – they instilled me with a real understanding of the different types of problem solving and critical thinking questions in the TSA and taught me some very useful techniques to use in the exam. Nasos, my tutor, was also very helpful in interview preparation and really gave me an insight into what to expect. I would highly recommend Oxbridge Economics to any Oxbridge Applicant.

Mike G, Successful Economics applicant to Pembroke College, Cambridge (2015)


“Oxbridge Economics were a critical part of my successful application to Oxford. During my TSA preparation, Josh structured sessions to improve my problem solving and critical thinking skills, which led to me feeling much more comfortable before sitting the exam. When it came to the interview, I felt as prepared as I could have been given the mock interviews we did in London, and I developed the confidence and methods to tackle difficult questions under pressure. Josh also helped me get my mind right for the big day, a perk I wasn’t expecting but which definitely helped a lot. Thoroughly recommend.”

Jack B, Successful PPE applicant to Worcester College, Oxford (2015)

Pricing and Scheduling


One-hour Skype or in-person consultations at our offices in Central London start at £200, and can be held with only the student and/or with their parents. Based on an initial consultation form, we tailor each individual session specifically to the client, allowing for a highly personalized approach that integrates or narrows down on the services required.

We also provide discounted interview packages for students looking for as much interview experience as possible. Please contact us directly for more information on prices.

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Address: Wework, 1 Primrose Street, London, EC2A 2EX

Phone: +44 7789254243

Email: info@oxbridgeeconomics.co.uk



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